How to Check Admission Status at Federal Polytechnic, Bali for National Diploma Full-Time Programme

Starting a new academic chapter is an exciting time, especially if you’ve applied for the National Diploma (ND) full-time programme at the Federal Polytechnic, Bali, and are waiting for news. The 2023/2024 academic session is approaching, and the first step is checking the admission list. Here’s how to check your status and what steps to take if accepted.

Checking Admission Status
The Federal Polytechnic, Bali has made it easy to check your status in two ways:

On-campus notice board: Check for your name on the notice board displayed at the school premises, where all prospective students granted provisional admission are listed.

Online verification: Check your status online by accessing the JAMB portal. Log in with your JAMB profile details, go to the Check Admission Status tab, and provide the required information.

If You’re Not Admitted
If you don’t find your name on the list, don’t lose hope. Admissions are ongoing, and regular checking on the JAMB site is recommended.

Next Steps After Admission
For students who’ve been admitted, log in to the JAMB Central Admission Processing System (CAPS) and either ACCEPT or REJECT your admission. Printing out your JAMB admission letter is also essential for the enrolment process. If offered a different course from your initial choice, the JAMB portal allows you to apply for a change of course.

Congratulations to those admitted! Remember, this is just the beginning, and the Federal Polytechnic, Bali welcomes new thinkers, innovators, and leaders. Your patience and diligence throughout the process will set the foundation for success in the years ahead.

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