Ultimate Guide: 8 Things You Must Do Before 2024 JAMB Registration Opens

Ultimate Guide: 8 Things You Must Do Before 2024 JAMB Registration Opens
The countdown to the 2024 UTME/DE registration has begun! To ensure a smooth and successful registration, prospective UTME candidates need to kick-start their preparations now. This post serves as your comprehensive guide, highlighting eight crucial tasks you should complete before the registration window opens on January 15th, 2024.

  1. Obtain Your NIN (National Identification Number):
    Make securing your NIN a top priority. It’s a mandatory requirement for UTME/DE registration. Follow our step-by-step guide on NIN Application Guidelines to get yours quickly. Learn more on how to obtain NIN
  2. Register a Phone Number for Profile Code Creation:
    Before registration begins, candidates will need to generate a profile code by sending their NIN through a registered phone number. Ensure you have a valid and registered phone line, preferably an MTN line. Learn more about profile code creation
  3. Create a Free Email Address:
    Safeguard your registration details by having a backup email address. It’s a compulsory requirement for JAMB registration, and you can easily create one for free at Gmail.com.
  4. Decide on Your Course:
    Take the time now to decide on the course you want to study. This early decision-making process ensures a well-thought-out career choice and increases your chances of a successful registration.
  5. Choose Your Preferred Institution:
    Research and select the institution you want to apply to based on course offerings, admission requirements, fees, and personal preferences. Consider having choices, such as polytechnics or colleges of education.
  6. Know the Subject Combination for Your Course:
    Avoid mistakes by understanding the subject combination required for your chosen course and institution. Consult “The JAMB Brochure” to ensure you make informed decisions.
  7. Seek Guidance:
    If you need assistance with course selection, subject combinations, or any other concerns, utilize the “Ask A Question” section on our website or join our JAMB 2024 WhatsApp group for instant answers and guidance.
  8. Start Studying Now:
    Kickstart your preparation by studying smart. Utilize the Myschool JAMB CBT Mobile App or Software, containing over 60,000 JAMB past questions. Learn from previous exams and enhance your chances of success.

Preparation is the key to JAMB success. Follow these eight essential steps, and you’ll be well-positioned for a seamless registration and a successful UTME/DE journey. Stay tuned to Myschool for updates, and once registration begins, we’ll guide you step by step through the process.

Stay prepared, stay ahead!

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