LASU Central Admissions Clearance (LACACA) Guide for 2023/2024 Full-Time Undergraduate Students

Guide for 2023/2024 Full-Time LASU Undergraduate Students

Are you one of the lucky candidates admitted to Lagos State University for the 2023/2024 academic session? Congratulations! Now, let’s navigate the crucial LASU Central Admissions Clearance Application (LACACA) process together to ensure a smooth start to your university journey.

What is LACACA?

LASU Central Admissions Clearance Application (LACACA) is an online clearance exercise designed for successful candidates entering Lagos State University in the 2023/2024 academic session. It’s a mandatory process that assigns matriculation numbers to successful candidates, marking the official beginning of their academic journey at LASU.

Key Steps to LASU Central Admissions Clearance (LACACA)

1. Payment of Clearance Fees

Before diving into the online clearance, ensure you’ve made payments for acceptance, medical, and clearance fees through the LASU e-payment portal. It’s a prerequisite for initiating the LACACA process.

2. Access the LACACA Portal

To begin your journey, visit Supply your JAMB Registration Number in the designated field under “Matriculation Number / Application Number.” Select “FULL-TIME UNDERGRADUATE LACACA” from the drop-down menu labeled “Payment Description.” Additionally, provide a valid email address and phone numbers.

3. Step-by-Step Completion of LACACA Operation

   – Visit the LASU website at

   – Navigate to the STUDENT tab and click on UG LACACA.

   – Enter your UTME registration number and surname, then click Submit.

Once inside your dashboard, follow these steps:

   – (a) Supply NIN

   – (b) Supply LASRRA ID

   – (c) Validate your basic bio-data details

   – (d) Verify disability status

   – (e) Upload O’Level scratch card details.

   – (f) Upload original birth certificate.

   – (g) Upload original UTME Results.

   – (h) Upload original JAMB Admission Letter.

   – (i) Upload scanned Signature.

   – (j) Submit the application by checking the “I Agree” text box and then click on Submit.

4. Document Scrutiny and Clearance Progress

At this point, your Admission Clearance progresses to 20%, and your documents undergo scrutiny by dedicated University officials. Regularly check for progress updates as further attention may be needed based on the uploaded documents.

5. Correction of Errors

Candidates with errors requiring correction can make the necessary amendments on the LASU payment portal at

6. Print LASU Admission Clearance Certificate

Upon reaching 100% clearance progress, successful candidates can print the LASU Admission Clearance Certificate for the 2023/2024 Academic Session and receive their assigned Matriculation Number.

Important Dates:

The online clearance kicks off on Friday, 5th of January 2024, and spans a two-week period.

For Rejected Students:

Check your portal for rejection reasons. Some cases may require a visit to the Admission Office on the 3rd Floor, Senate Building, Main Campus, Ojo, for further guidance.

Need Assistance?

For further clarifications, send an email to

Gear up for a successful academic journey at LASU!

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