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Electronic notes (often called e-notes) are a clear and concise electronic form of lesson notes provided openly to teachers. As students do not have to spend time writing copious notes, they are generally more attentive during class, being able to concentrate on understanding the material. This allows them to become actively engaged in the lecture, participating in class discussions and asking pertinent questions.

Lesson notes are commonly used for teaching students in their formative years. They are developed from a lesson plan which in turn is derived from the scheme of work. When a lesson plan is transcribed into a note book, it becomes a lesson note. A lesson note is a document made for each lesson before the actual commencement of teaching. It is regarded as a guide to the teacher in executing the plan of teaching the students.

The importance of lesson note cannot be taken for granted as they provide a means of communicating the relevant information. It provides direction for the teacher and a reference for the students to fall back on when there is need for revising what has been taught.

Some importance of lesson note
1. Less time consuming and more data storage
Are you in a hurry and must maintain a record of enormous data? Then digital notes will surely help you to compile a larger volume of data, by preventing your time loss and they could be made easily using many compatible devices.
2. Fewer chances of errors
Editing digital notes will reduce the chance of grammar and spelling mistakes, as so many applications are available these days which could immediately recognize your errors and correct them on the spot.
3. Helps in mass communication
Once the things are noted by you on the compatible devices, there is no need to write it again. Which makes an easy job a tedious one? So, message or content written once could be immediately sent to all the people without wasting any time. This also leads to the seamless integration of technologies that are required for mailing, scanning, printing, and so on.
4. It helps to prepare important facts about the lesson ahead of time.
5. It helps in logical representation of the lesson.
6. It helps in itemizing interesting illustration and examples
7. It helps the teacher to reassure himself of the ability to motivate the students.
8. It provides an efficient and systematic approach to teaching.

Our e-notes are curriculum conscious, teacher mindful and students friendly lesson notes designed to enhance effective teaching and learning of each subject. They are well formatted and contains content rich illustrations, images and diagrams that appeals to students’ sense of learning.

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