Download Junior Sec. School(JSS) and Senior Sec. School (SSS) eNotes

In this age and time, technology is being utilized to work with our work. Utilizing this,it has assists us with performing better and quicker in what we do. Practically every one of the human undertakings has taken on one technology or the other.

In schools, technology is being utilized for educating and learning exercises. Numerous organizations currently push for internet facilities, this was noticed really during the lockdown brought about by Covid-19.

At edunaija we help teachers, students and parents, we have organized all our written electronic Lesson Note or eNote in the form of eBook for your convenience. Just download them and start using.

✍️Lesson note Jss 1 – Sss 3✍️Lagos State scheme  of work basic 1-6 ✍️Jss 1 – Sss 3 scheme of work.
👉It reduces the stress of teachers carrying text books…
👉It makes the teacher explain better knowledge to the pupils …
👉It helps the teacher make use of ample *instructional material* since the stress of the lesson note is gone….
👉It makes your class lively and active …..
👉You can now teach with smile 😅😅writen all over you….
👉 It makes you an effective teacher…..
👉 Your pupils lesson note will be updated on  weekly bases….
👉It eliminate the stress of using data to go on google in search of topics to teach 😟😟😟
👉It makes the school owner and parent appreciate your work during and after open day because of complete  note for your pupils 👊👊👊👊👊

Make your payment of N1000 only for a class subject for a session i.e 1st,2nd and 3rd terms into:


UBA 2014432776

Note: After a successful payment, Contact us on WhatsApp on 08023455893 or via Email on to confirm your payment

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